The finest ingredients, ethically sourced

Our chocolatiers bring the creativity

Our story began in 2004 where – thanks to the creative spirit of our chocolate chef Toussaint – the CHCO Hotchocspoon saw the light of day! A delicious chunk of chocolate on a wooden spoon, with which the tastiest cup of hot chocolate can be made. 

Our chocolate chefs really “cook” with chocolate and use premium cocoa beans and the best spices and other ingredients. The result: the most surprising and special flavor combinations that you can’t get enough of!

Making life tastier, fun and enjoyable for everyone

Love the taste, love the ethics

Working with Cacao-Trace chocolate was a logical step for Chocolate Company to take. This unique sustainability program focuses on the realization of high quality cocoa beans with a better market price for the cocoa farmers involved.

 In addition to sound training and a fair price, Cacao-Trace also offers the cocoa farmers a premium for supplying high-quality cocoa beans. Because cocoa farmers earn more, they can invest more money in their plantation, their skills and in their families. This fits in perfectly with the Chocolate Company mission to make life a little tastier, more fun and more enjoyable for everyone!

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